I am able to work with businesses and organisations to allow employees access to counselling or CBT.

Key features of the counselling or CBT system:

  • Quality guaranteed – Employees are assured of a highly qualified and experienced service using evidence-based approaches to support wellbeing.
  • Flexible – As the employer, you set specific limits regarding use of the service, and receive monthly status updates.
  • Confidential reporting – Service-level data on presenting issues and concerns, and service uptake.
  • Optional bolt ons – Additional services, such as stress management training, stress audits, and resilience coaching available.



Not all employees are the same and sometimes businesses and organisations have individuals with specific needs (e.g. after an incident occurs), high-level roles or personal preferences that may be best met by specialist or consultant-level psychological support.

I am able to offer specialist, evidence-based psychological therapy on a one-to-one basis.

Key features of specialist psychological therapy:

  • Expert – Specialist psychological therapy is delivered by a psychologist with extensive training and experience.
  • Effective – I am able to draw on a range of evidence-based interventions to provide the most intense and focused support.
  • Personal – Specialist psychological therapy allows a personalised approach to be taken, facilitating recovery in the most supportive of ways.



One of the key findings of research evidence in the area of psychological, CBT and counselling support is that different people prefer to work in different ways with their practitioner. Flexibility is often vital to busy professionals, and clients undertaking therapeutic work with us have the opportunity to conduct this by telephone.

I am able to offer telephone therapy to all clients and integrate this into the counselling, CBT or psychological therapy programmes I offer.

The nature and extent of telephone methods is normally agreed during the first meeting between me and the client, and a plan is developed accordingly. Different clients prefer to use telephone methods in different ways, with some undertaking the majority of their therapeutic work in this way, while others use it to maintain therapeutic progress when unable to attend in person.

Some clients prefer to work entirely by telephone, and this is something we can support where clinically appropriate.

*Please note: I do NOT operate a 24-hour telephone counselling service.



I am also able to offer employees support for problems that may be impacting upon their performance at work but which are related to family or personal relationship difficulties.

Difficulties experienced by children or young people within the family or personal relationship problems have significant potential to impair an individual’s performance at work, and to gradually erode resilience against mental health difficulties such as depression.

In order to support employers offer the best support possible to staff, I am able to offer couples therapy to an employee, or counselling/CBT for a child/young person within an employee’s family.

These services operate along the same lines as my specialist psychological therapy package. Specialist case management is available to advise an employer as to the appropriateness of such an approach, and I am able to include couples counselling and/or counselling for a child/young person as part of an overall confidential counselling/CBT service for employees.