My training and development courses tackle a wide range of issues related to the wellbeing of people at work.

Stress and conflict are key issues that can have a huge impact on productivity and staff performance and I have a number of training options designed to develop a proactive and focused approach to tackling stress and conflict at work, as well as a selection of courses designed to increase knowledge and skill building in other key areas of wellbeing.

All of my training courses will provide your people with a solid understanding of a particular wellness issue and help them gain practical experience in implementing techniques and strategies.


I am able to design and deliver bespoke training courses on any areas in the field of psychological wellbeing or people development.

Key benefits of our training and development solutions:

  • Increased awareness of wellness issues among employees and managers
  • Increased understanding of implementing techniques and strategies
  • Improved staff performance and wellbeing
  • Reduced sickness absence days
  • Demonstrable wellbeing strategy


I am also able to offer a range of in-house training courses. My in-house training courses last approximately three hours and are designed to draw on cutting-edge theory and practice to enable attendees to gain both a solid understanding of the issues at hand, as well as practical experience in implementing key techniques and strategies.

My range of in-house training courses includes the following:

  1. Mental Health at Work. Focusing on providing a basic understanding of the issues relating to identifying and managing mental health issues at work.
    Topics include: identifying common types of mental health difficulty; key signs and symptoms; understanding suicide and risk; how to help; examining sample scenarios and identifying appropriate responses.
    Aimed at: managers, leaders & team leaders, those in a position of responsibility for others.
  2. Managing Stress. Focusing on understanding the causes and nature of stress, and identifying useful strategies in stress management for yourself and others.
    Topics include: the psychological and physiological basis of the stress response; common symptoms of stress and its ‘vicious circles’; identifying different stress ‘personalities’ (what’s yours!); Development of a stress action plan; working with employees and colleagues to manage organisational stress.
    Aimed at: employees in stressful roles, employees with a history of difficulties managing stress, managers, leaders & team leaders.


I am able to offer a range of training programmes and facilitated sessions in the area of mindfulness, to support employees integrate mindfulness skills into their day-to-day lives. Mindfulness has been shown to be a highly effective method for managing stress, increasing alertness and improving general well-being. It is used in a diverse range of settings, from sports settings to hospitals and businesses, and is popular among senior leaders managing high-pressure roles.

I offer two levels of mindfulness training to organisations. These are:

  1. Mindfulness for busy professionals (2 hour taster workshop). Exploring the basic ideas and approaches within the mindfulness field. Participants will learn about some of the underlying theory around mindfulness and explore key techniques and strategies to be practised.
    Topics include: what is mindfulness; autopilot versus mindfulness; living in the present; cultivating awareness – breathing/observation techniques; review and discussion.
    Aimed at: this workshop is suitable for all employees.
  2. Introduction to mindfulness (8 x 2 hour course). Focusing on developing basic mindfulness skills, participants will explore in more depth the theory and practice of mindfulness.
    Topics include: what is mindfulness; its history and development; noticing ‘being here’; exploring mindfulness in action – body scan; mindful moving; breathing meditation; pleasant events calendar; mindfulness in every day – time out; overcoming obstacles; review and reflections.
    Aimed at: this workshop is suitable for all employees with an interest in mindfulness. It may not be suitable for those with severe mental health difficulties.

* Please note: that this course is experiential and participants will be asked to undertake mindfulness exercises both during workshop sessions and at home.